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Laser wheel alignment and repairs in Macclesfield

One Stop Autos provide accurate alignment checks and repairs in Macclesfield at affordable prices. Your wheel’s alignment should be checked and adjusted as part of regular maintenance to your vehicle. Wheel alignment consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are set to your car manufacturer’s specification. A very slight knock to your wheels like hitting the curb or driving over a pothole can knock this out of place.

What does wheel alignment do?

The purpose of your wheel’s alignment is to reduce tyre wear and to ensure that vehicle travel is straight and true. This means without any “pulling” to one side. Under normal driving conditions, many vehicles can go 30,000 miles before they need a new set of tyres. However, in order to reach that mileage, we would recommend that alignment must be checked every 10, 000 miles. Any severe driving incidents or change in suspension components would also warrant a thorough check.

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Wheel alignment angles

Alignment angles can also be altered beyond the manufacturer’s specifications to obtain a specific handling characteristic. Motorsport and off-road applications may call for angles to be adjusted well beyond “normal” for a variety of reasons. The angles of wheel alignment are referred to as toe, camber and caster angles. These are set at specific angles for the better handling of your vehicle. Your manufacturer will include these details in your vehicle handbook. However, it is important to get these checked out by your local garage.

The latest equipment at One Stop Autos Cheshire

We provide laser wheel alignment, which provides accuracy like no other wheel alignment technology. Our technology identifies the make and model of your vehicle and helps to make sure your wheels are set correctly. It means we can fix your car quicker and with excellent precision.

How do I know if I need wheel alignment?

All new vehicles leave the factory with their alignment checked and adjusted. However, your vehicle’s wheels could become misaligned over time, making the vehicle handling difficult and potentially unsafe. Steering, suspension and wheels moving out of line can also result in uneven and premature tyre wear, which can be extremely costly. The slightest knock can move your vehicle’s wheels out of alignment. Therefore, it is best to check the settings if you feel a difference in the way your car drives.

How to spot the need for wheel alignment repairs

If you notice your tyres are wearing more quickly than you would expect, your steering wheel is not sitting straight or your vehicle is handling in an unusual manner, your wheels may require realigning.

In order to correct any alignment issues, your vehicle’s steering and suspension need to be measured and adjusted within the manufacturer’s specifications. Properly aligned wheels improve driver safety. This is because they enhance your driving control and increase fuel efficiency. In addition to this, it will maximise the life of your tyres.

State of the art laser wheel alignment

Our experienced team of technicians will measure all four of your vehicle’s wheels using state of the art laser wheel alignment equipment. Laser alignment technology provides the measurements and equipment to correct any adjustments that are required. It does this quickly and more accurately.

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