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Car tyre replacements and puncture repairs in Macclesfield

At One Stop Autos Cheshire, we provide new car tyres and repairs at our garage in Macclesfield. If your tyres are looking a little worn and you’re worried about passing an MOT, look no further than at One Stop Autos. We’ll fit new tyres, provide winter tyres and repair punctures on any make or model of vehicle. Tyres bear the brunt of all your cornering, acceleration and braking. Therefore, you will almost certainly have to replace the tyres on your car at some point during its life.

Which tyres are right for my car?

A huge array of tyres are now available, at a range of prices. We provide budget, mid-range and premium tyres suited to your make of vehicle. We’ll make sure we match manufacturer’s specifications and get as close to the requirements as possible. Having the optimum specifications on your car’s tyres allows for better handling. It also means that your car will be more fuel efficient and have better grip on the road. Getting the right tyres is important for your safety.

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How do I know if I need new car tyres?

Mileage, driving style and the type of use of the vehicle can all increase tyre wear. New tyres have 8mm of tread which will wear down over time. Legally, your tyres must have tread of at least 1.6mm. Illegal tyres can incur 3 penalty points and a substantial fine per tyre. More importantly, they are potentially dangerous This is because they can make your vehicle more difficult to control and reduce grip. Therefore, increasing your stopping distance when braking.

Tyre tread depth advice

When we inspect your van or car’s tyres at One Stop Autos, we will inform you if any tyre has a tread depth of below 3mm. Our team will then make a recommendation to have any such tyres replaced as soon as possible. We will also inform you of any tyres which have 3-4mm of tread. These car tyres will not need replacing immediately but we will make you aware that they may not last until your next service and you should keep an eye on their condition. We will be happy to book in a free inspection visit before your next service to ensure that your car tyres are in good condition.

We carry a large range of van or car tyres from leading manufacturers at very competitive prices to meet all your requirements regardless of budget, car make and model or driving conditions. We can also fit, balance and repair punctures while you wait. We will also ensure that all your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

Don’t forget for your convenience you can book your car in for many of our services online. Simply enter your car registration number, select the service you require and you will be provided with an instant quote. One Stop Autos is based in Macclesfield, providing customers in the area with affordable, premium and budget tyres.