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Making sure your car stays safe on the roads

At One Stop Autos Cheshire, we provide free car health checks for our customers in Macclesfield, Langley, Sutton and surrounding areas. We all know we should check our vehicle over regularly to ensure it is in top condition. However, it is not always easy for us to find the time. That’s why at One Stop Autos, we’ll health check your car for free so it’s more convenient for you and you remain safe on the roads.

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Identifying faults before it’s too late

Many breakdowns occur as a result of faults that could have been avoided if identified earlier. By carrying out straightforward checks and maintenance to your vehicle, it can be prevented. One Stop Autos offer a complimentary van or car health check to all our customers at our Macclesfield garage. Our dedicated technicians can carry out a thorough assessment on your vehicle completely free of charge. We’ll aim to pick up on any issues that are likely to affect the future performance of your vehicle. If we find anything we will then advise you on the best course of action.

Most of the problems we commonly find during a car health check are easily rectified. We’ve listed some common problems that might help you know what to look for.

Wear and Tear to Car Tyres

Mileage, driving style and the type of use of the vehicle can all increase tyre wear. New tyres have 8mm of tread which will wear down over time. Legally, your tyres must have tread of at least 1.6mm. Illegal tyres can incur 3 penalty points and an expensive fine per tyre. In particular, your tyres are potentially dangerous when they have low tyre tread. It can reduce the grip and therefore increase stopping distance. It also makes your vehicle harder to control and could potentially affect your fuel consumption.

Checking your Tyres

When we inspect your tyres, we will inform you if any tyre has a tread depth of below 3mm. We’ll make a recommendation to have any such tyres replaced as soon as possible. Our team will also inform you of any tyres which have 3-4mm of thread. These tyres will not need replacing immediately but we will make you aware that they may not last until your next service and you should keep an eye on their condition. We will be happy to book in a free inspection visit before your next service to ensure that your tyres can be replaced in good time.

Brake Discs and Pads

Your brake discs are essential for efficient braking, but with usage and mileage over time your vehicle’s discs and brake pads will wear, sometimes corroding and forming a lip around the outer edges. Wear and tear is normal, but needs to remain within limits specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Excessively worn discs or pads are also likely to generate extra heat which can cause damage to your wheel bearings and ball joints.

Our technicians will carefully inspect your brake discs and pads as part of your car health check. If your discs are close to or below the manufacturer’s recommended thickness we will advise urgent replacement to keep your braking system in good working order. We will also inform you if we notice any signs of lipping, and arrange a free return visit to re-inspect the discs and advise when they need to be replaced.

Car lights

An estimated 25% of accidents occur due to poor vision, which is often due to poor vehicle lighting. Dipped and full beam, fog lights, reversing and braking lights, hazard lights, indicators and registration plate lights all need to be in full working order and the position of your lights also needs to be checked to ensure maximum visibility. For safety reasons, it is vital that your bulbs and lighting system are checked regularly and replaced when necessary.

One Stop Autos will check your lighting as part of your vehicle health check and fit any bulbs you need to purchase free of charge.

Fluid Levels

Checking and topping up of the essential fluid levels in your car can help to avoid many faults and potential breakdowns.

Our complimentary health check also includes checking and topping up the engine oil, gearbox oil/transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid and power steering fluid. Our technicians will check the strength and condition of fluid and make recommendations for any changes needed. Top ups of oil of over 1 litre will incur a small charge.

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