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Antifreeze and engine coolant changes and refills in Macclesfield

At One Stop Autos Cheshire, we provide coolant changes and antifreeze top ups for our customers. We also offer inspections to make sure your system is working smoothly. When your car is with us, we’ll check for leaks or issues with the system. Provided there are no leaks, we’ll then top up the fluid levels and coolant if required. If you want a garage to provide a coolant change, book in with One Stop Autos today. We cater for customers in Macclesfield and surrounding areas for all their car problems.

Why do I need a coolant change?

Your car’s engine generates a great deal of heat. When it is running the efficiency of the cooling system is essential to make sure your car can function properly in all weathers. Coolant and antifreeze work by mixing with water in the system. Without a change of coolant, it deteriorates. When this occurs your car could be at risk of break down and potentially harmful problems could occur.

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Radiators can easily freeze in winter, particularly if your car is not being started on a regular basis. Therefore, it is vital that your vehicle’s cooling system is working at its maximum efficiency. Coolant is a 50-50 mix of antifreeze and water and should be regularly checked to ensure that it is still operating efficiently. Most car manufacturers recommend that the coolant is changed every 30,000 miles or two years, to ensure the cooling system is still in good working order.

A large number of mechanical breakdowns are also caused by engines overheating, so it is vital to ensure all elements of the cooling system are working to maximum capacity.

If you are experiencing any of the following problems with your vehicle, it may be an indication that a coolant change is necessary:

  • The ‘Check Engine’ warning light is on
  • The ‘Low Coolant’ warning light is on
  • The ‘Engine Management’ warning light is on
  • The engine is overheating

Cooling system flush

At our garage in Macclesfield, we can carry out a complete cooling system flush on your vehicle. This is an important part of preventative maintenance and helps to keep your car healthy. Our experienced technicians will check the condition of your vehicle’s radiator, water pump, and thermostat. We use a hydrometer to ensure that the coolant is still working efficiently. This is to protect your car’s radiator and other cooling system parts. We will also ensure any depleted antifreeze or corrosion products are completely removed from your vehicle’s cooling system. These provide increased resistance from corrosion and restoring heat transfer. This process is extremely effective and is the approved industry method of flushing your vehicle’s cooling system.

Our cooling system flushes will thoroughly remove dirt, sludge and dirty coolant from your vehicle’s radiator, water hoses, water pump and the engine’s cooling passages, optimising your vehicle’s engine performance whatever the weather.

Don’t forget for your convenience you can book your car in for many of our services online. Simply enter your car registration number and select the service you require. You will be provided with an instant quote before booking. One Stop Autos Cheshire, provide coolant change and antifreeze top ups, inspections and full system flushes at affordable prices in Macclesfield and surrounding areas.