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Brake fluid top-ups, brake pad replacements and repairs in Macclesfield

One Stop Autos Cheshire provides brake repairs and brake fluid inspections and top-ups at our garage in Macclesfield. Did you know that the average motorist who drives 10,000 to 15,000 miles a year uses their brakes about 75,000 times in that a year? Half of all motorists recently surveyed say that brake failure is their number one fear amongst driving emergencies. However, a large number of motorist still fail to have their brake fluid replaced regularly.

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Regular brake maintenance and repair

Your vehicle’s braking system is essential for the safety of you and your family. It should be checked and maintained on a regular basis. Hydraulic brake fluid is vital to ensure that the braking system works efficiently. However, over time the fluid will absorb moisture from the atmosphere. This lowers the boiling point of the fluid and reducing its efficiency.

What can affect my brake fluid

Heat generated under braking, especially under heavier braking or prolonged breaking, may also affect the integrity of the brake fluid. It can only work if it is liquid and not so hot that it has become vapour. Therefore, the boiling point that your brake fluid can achieve is critical to efficient braking. This is because temperatures above the boiling point form vapour bubbles in the system, potentially resulting in brake failure. As a general rule, after three years of driving, the average boiling point of the fluid has dropped to a potentially dangerous level because of moisture contamination.

Brake fluid also acts as a lubricant, preventing corrosion in the braking system, so water laden fluid poses a risk of increased damage from corrosion to your brake components. Ultimately this could lead to the complete and sudden loss of your braking system.

Brake fluid check and brake repairs

At One Stop Autos, our experienced technicians recommend a programme of preventive maintenance to keep your braking system in good order. Most car manufacturers also recommend that brake fluid check or change is carried out on your vehicle at least every two years or 20,000 miles. However, if you notice that your brake light is illuminated on your dashboard your brake fluid may be low. As a result, it’s important to get your car to a local garage to get it topped up.

Repairs with One Stop Autos

Once your car is with us in our Macclesfield garage, we’ll inspect the braking system. We’ll provide a brake fluid check, inspecting for any leaks within the system too. If necessary we can flush the system so that everything is in working order. During the inspection, if we notice any repairs are needed, we’ll contact you with the results so you can approve any work we need to do first.

One Stop Autos also provide brake pad replacements, brake disc repairs and brake inspections and testing on all makes and models of vehicle. We work with customers in Tytherington, Hurdsfield, Bollinbrook, Henbury, Macclesfield and surrounding areas to provide them with reliable, affordable garage services, car repairs and brake repairs.

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