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5 iconic film and TV vehicles

The film and TV industry has been one of the best forms of entertainment in recent years (mostly due to technology). So, of course some of our favourite films and TV shows are based on fancy high tech cars. Either that or cars are used as props to add humour and personality to their programme.... Read More

A guide to understanding the falling car sales in the UK

Until recently, car sales in the UK were growing year on year and in 2016 2.7 million new cars were registered – this marked half a decade that car sales were increasing. However, 2017 has been a slightly different story as car sales have been on the decline for the last seven months. Last month... Read More

Electric vehicles: are they really the future of the motor industry?

What will the future bring? Recent headlines might have left you thinking that diesel and petrol engines were about to become extinct. That isn’t the case. The car industry is undergoing some major changes. A part of that is due to the new law that is being introduced in 2040 to ban the sale of... Read More

Summer guide for car maintenance

Top Tips on car maintenance in the Summer! The time has come! We’re all starting to make plans for how to spend our days off in summer. Your mind will be filled with the important stuff like how much money you’re going to take, what you’re going to wear, and any other little bits you... Read More